Holiday Gift Guide December 2014 Part II

1. If your a simulator fan, now is the right time to upgrade your joystick or driving wheel. This site Fly Away Simulation has flight simmers covered from top to bottom. Here I'll link the 5 best joysticks article which I feel does an awesome job summing up all the best joysticks. But this site is more than just reviewing joysticks. It is a comprehensive flight simulator and pilot enthusiast site. Beware of getting sucked in and spending 4+ hours there.

Holiday Gift Guide December 2014

Top 5 Holiday Deals this December
1. Steam Holiday Sale. Obviously if your a fan of indie games this is one of the first places you should stop this holiday season. They have some huge bundles where you can get multiple titles for a greatly reduced cost. If you're looking for just 1 or 2 games that you've heard good things about, chances are they will either be on sale for the next few weeks or you'll be able to get a reduced price during a single sale day.

Top 10 List - Indie Titles

1. Bastion. Bastion is a game with beautiful art and music. Each realm is hand painted and crafted to artistic perfection. The gameplay is refreshing, and every new weapon and ability is exciting to mix into your gameplay. The plot isn't bad either, pay attention and it pays off in the end.

New Site Direction

Hello Everyone. If you are visiting this site with the intention of downloading the game Tow Bowl Tactics, you are no longer in luck. You can find more information and download it here. This site will be taking on a new direction and much of our content will be based on current Opensource games that have large active user bases. We also will talk about new gaming equipment and technology.

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